We're on the road bringing our award-winning Lola Jeans food and cocktails to your venue!

Whether you’re after street food, corporate entertaining or the fine dining experiences we are able to accommodate to all your happenings. Whilst we offer a fully bespoke and personalised service, we have put together a range of mouthwatering packages to spark your inspiration for your event.

We at Lola Jeans will ensure your event is designed to your desires, our Event Manager will assist you in selecting your menu, arrange a tasting evening with the chef of your favourite dishes and oversee that your day will run smoothly for you and your guests.

If there is something a little different and daring you have in mind, we cater for each client individually, understanding that your event is unique and special to you! We cater around the whole of the North East for all events whether they be indoor or outdoor, we will bring our team to you.


 Our menus have been perfectly thought out, our ingredients are locally sourced and our dishes are prepared by experienced, skilled chefs.