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(It isn't bragging when it's true Battle of the Burger for 5 years running!)

We are known for our award-winning food and our signature cocktails, our food is sourced locally, made in house and designed to our mirror our ethos by adding a twist onto some classics, which is what makes us truly recognisable.

 As well as our classic menu, our team of highly skilled chefs design a special every weekend to make sure there is always something new for you to delve into, you’ll find these chef specials on our social media presence.

When it comes to our burgers we really know what we’re doing having been crowned the winner of the Battle of The Burger five consecutive years running. It isn’t bragging when it’s true!

We use the finest same cut of the beef knuckle, we make and mince all our burgers in house and add our own fat content, which is what gives them that irreplaceable great texture, along with special Lola Jeans seasoning specific to each burger. Our chefs spend weeks planning, designing, taste testing and perfecting new creations before the burgers are released, ensuring we are crafting only the best of the best.

We also cater for vegans and vegetarians, and all other dietary requirements.

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